Showbox For iPhone

Showbox For iPhone and ios latest 2019

Showbox for iphone is not available directly you need to do a little trick to install showbox on iOS.
Showbox is available on another version called Movies box.
It can be called an iPhone version of Showbox.
It is same in ui and functions.
sometimes it is also called as child of Showbox.


Showbox for iPhone
Showbox for iPhone

How to download Showbox on iPhone.

As we told you earlier in the post showbox for iPhone is not available.
Firstly you need make sure that your iphone is jail breaked and it is working fine without any lag.
If your Phone is have lag issues then you might Factory set your phone.
Once you have done all this you can easily install showbox on your iPhone
Download Showbox from our site.
Find it in your file manager of your iPhone.
Click on the file.
Give the permission which the app asks for installation.
Done you have installed Showbox on iOS.

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New UX

UX is the backend of the app.
unlike Showbox on android the app works totally online and the UX is specifically optimised for iPhone X series and iPhone 8 series.
The will give updates with all new version of iPhones with any delay because of great support and demand in. iOS users.E

Enigma engine

We have named the latest server as Enigma network its faster and works on AI and is fastest in the industry.
It is inspired by netflix Latest server configurations.

Updated fonts

the fonts of movies box had a problem that fonts were italics and many users had a problem that they were not able to understand.
But in the latest update we have installed Google Fonts Which will make you change the fonts to any font you want.

Wrapping Up.

Showbox on iPhone is a great way entertain yourself for free.
You must give it a try as its the best available online for watching movies and tv shows for free.